Smart automated drone system for warehouses and retail stores

Patented Drone System

At Infinium Robotics, we automate inventory tracking for warehouses. We combine our smartest in-house drone system and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solution to deliver fully-autonomous cycle counts that are cheaper, more accurate, and higher in frequency than ever before.

Designed for Automated Inventory Management

Infinium Scan can navigate independently, avoid obstacles in various warehouse layouts,
take off and land autonomously and operate in fleets. Indoor drones are ideal for duties that
need frequent monitoring and inspection at high heights.

Benefits and Features

Fully Automated

Required no human intervention.

Long non-stop flight endurance

Non-stop flight time of more than 5 hours.

24/7 Inventory Solution

Count your inventory during weekends or off-peak periods

Real-time Analytics

Provide real-time analytics on warehouse inventory without being in the warehouse.

Reduce Insurance Premium Costs

Reduce your insurance costs by lowering your lost inventory (inventory shrinkage).

Reduce Safety Risks

Reduce risks to your warehouse staff by minimising the need to climb heights for stocktaking.

Proven and trusted AI robotics solution

Solution used and trusted by Fortune 500 companies and MNCs globally.

Real-time Analytics:

Increase your inventory accuracy up to 100%.