Infinium scan

Infinium Scan drone solution is an autonomous, self-flying drone system that can fly across your warehouse and scan your goods. Our drone system is equipped with advanced cameras and ground-based robots with a tether cable to ensure 100% safety and uninterrupted flight time. Our drones do not waste time in returning to base to charge, allowing uninterrupted and unlimited inventory scans anytime of the day, including night time. The drones scan the pallet barcodes and their positions, reports the information, analyzes it, and submits it to and from the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Deploy our smart drones for 20X productivity in your warehouse inventory counts today


Our Infinium Scan drone system combines a drone with multiple cameras to gather information, a ground robot to navigate autonomously, and artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make the data useful, including counting the number of boxes/cartons on the pallet. Infinium Robotics offers precise warehouse location and completely automated inventory recording so that your inventory will be 100% accurate. With the help of our autonomous drone, you can check even the highest pallet spaces. In this unique patent-pending setup, Infinium Scan drone combines with the ground robot to provide the longest operational flight time in its class, allowing for accurate and uninterrupted inventory stocktaking during the night time and off-peak hours. The use of sophisticated software and techniques allows for a completely automated data capture of the whole facility as well as the accurate location of processed data.

Technical Capabilities

Box counting

At Infinium Robotics, we have combined our many years of experience in the automated inventory stock taking industry and our AI and Computer Vision techniques to bring the best system in the market. One of the abilities for our inventory scanning system to recognize boxes or cartons and count them automatically. Even if the boxes are placed at an angle or randomly placed on the pallets.



Improved Safety for workers

Eliminate the risks associated with working at heights for workers

Improve operational efficiency

Decrease the time required to carry out inventories, and thus freeing up human resources for higher value tasks. More than 20x faster & up to 10x cheaper versus manual counts.

Improve quality of WMS data

Regular and faster drone cycle-counting and lead to 100% accurate inventory and WMS data, leads to better sales fulfillment results and higher financial performance. Repeatable, fully traceable, auditable cycle counts with photos/videos for transparency and accountability

Increase team motivation in inventory management

Eliminate manual cycle-counts and provide higher value tasks for your employees. Modernize and make your inventory management more attractive to your customers, employees and partners.

Reduce insurance premiums

Lower safety risks for workers and hazards as well as lesser inventory losses lead to lower insurance premiums

Improve financial performance

Lower costs, increased sales fulfillment and highly motivated staff all leads to higher profits and bottom-line for our customers. Payback period as short as <1 year, IRR potential of > 70% over 3 years. Supports amortization of investment across multiple sites, use-cases

Warehouse Automation for Stock / Inventory Management System

Automating inventory management at retail stores and warehouses all around the world.

Stocktaking is a slow and laborious process, leading to high manpower costs, operational downtime, and loss of profits. Welcome to the Logistics 4.0 era. Infinium-Scan is the one-stop solution for all your stocktaking problems. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and MNCs globally, the fully autonomous Infinium-Scan drone system uses Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies to scan the goods in the warehouse to produce analytics in an efficient and automated manner to provide up-to-date insights for the warehouses.

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Infinium Scan can be used in warehouses and warehouse-environments alike. It can safely operate in GPS – denied environments, access areas which are difficult to reach and communicates with inventory software. Our sales team will be happy to help if you have questions about the performance or technical specifications.