Swarming coordination


Swarming refers to the collective motion of a large number of entities. In constrained environments or
congested areas, enabling swarming capabilities of the plurality of robots operating in an operating
space plays a key role. Infinium Robotics has developed its swarming algorithms for collision-free
navigation of UAS, both indoors and outdoors.
Current capability demonstrations include the safe and autonomous navigation of 10 or more agents in
a constrained space of less than 150 cubic meters. Current research is aiming to alleviate the
computational burden typically associated with similar algorithms as well as to enable different
optimization scenarios.
In an unknown, unsafe, or chaotic area, a swarm of autonomous drones with self-coordination and
environment adaption can provide a durable, robust, and adaptable method of object localization.
Stigmergy, flocking, and evolution are three biologically inspired processes that we use to create a
unique coordination algorithm. Drones are attracted to locations with possible targets through
stigmergy, a sort of cooperation demonstrated by social insects.